Access Global Labor and Talent

Crowdsourcing presents enterprises with the next paradigm shift in both the supply and cost of labor. Cloud Labor, in abundant supply, is available via on-demand models that offer 100% variability.

Cloud Labor can be accessed through many different channels depending on the nature of the work being sourced or the skills required. Cloud Labor can be utilized for a range of work from simple to complex tasks.

massolution's expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Identification of work within an enterprise that is suitable for crowdsourcing

    • Within the horizontal business processes and functions (e.g., HRO, FAO, KPO, PO, CRM)
    • Within vertical business functions within industries (e.g., Financial services > Retail Banking > Loan Processing)
    • Within knowledge processes (e.g., content creation, data analysis, records verification)
  • Identification of suitable providers of Cloud Labor within the categories of:

    • Producer Communities that are responsible for the work output
    • Broker Communities that facilitate the process of connecting demand to supply
  • Working with enterprise sourcing functions to help crowdsource and deliver work
  • Working with crowdsourcing companies to help identify and develop enterprise customers