Crowdsourcing Programs

Whether you are an enterprise evaluating crowdsourcing for the first time or are building upon an existing strategy, we can help.

massolution has expertise in pioneering crowdsourcing business models and we can help design crowdsourcing strategies, implement crowdsourcing models and build crowdsourcing platforms.

Idea Storm

We work with you to determine the potential value that crowdsourcing can bring to your business.

  • We look at crowdsourcing and we provide insights into what forces are driving and enabling new behaviors and models.
  • We share market insights to demonstrate how leading businesses, organizations and groups are deploying the application of crowdsourcing.
  • We look at industry case studies and discuss Best Practices and lessons learned.
  • We discuss approaches that will identify viable opportunities for applying crowdsourcing within your business.

Design Lab

We assess the opportunities and develop a crowdsourcing strategy to maximize benefits and ROI.

  • We assess the competitive business landscape in order to understand what is occurring in your market.
  • We prioritize business opportunities and explore and evaluate ways of embracing crowdsourcing for competitive advantage.
  • We develop, evaluate and test alternative crowdsourcing scenarios where open innovation and community engagement will produce meaningful results.
  • We design an optimal crowdsourcing business model to drive maximum value from crowdsourcing strategies.

Build Out

We implement the strategy and deliver results.

  • We can help you with your decision to build or license your crowdsourcing application platform.
  • We will help you build your crowdsourcing community in line with the established crowdsourcing goals.
  • We will support the implementation of the crowdsourcing model both from a business and technical perspective.
  • We assist with the management of the community we help you analyze and interpret community feedback to direct and drive forward your crowdsourcing vision.
  • We measure ROI to ensure achievement of goals and monetization objectives.