Ideation and Open Innovation

Sustainable breakthrough innovation is today's single most important requirement for growth and profitability.

Many leading companies are discovering the unlimited power of engaging employees in the ideation process and reaching out to a broader community of business constituents. By crowdsourcing innovation, you retain control of innovation but deliver bigger breakthroughs by tapping the knowledge of bright individuals that bring fresh perspective to your product and service offerings.

By embracing a new approach to innovation, massolution will help you profit from the ideas and intellectual property of your employees and business constituents whenever it advances your business model.

massolution will help you advance the way you evolve your organization and business model and in the way you design and develop new products and services. We will show you ways to influence your target market, capture the opinion of your customers and act based on observations of their behavior.

Crowdsourcing approaches that engage employees, customers, vendors, consumers and outside subject matter experts in the design and development process will allow you engage individuals by inviting them to participate in the process of producing what they want to consume. massolution will help you win with open innovation.